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Servicios y Soluciones



OPMITS is a complete service tech consultant. We provide amplitude and depth of experience while maintaining a personal touch with our clients. Our services decrease the time required to restore regular operational service and thus reduce the negative impact on your business. Our administrated services include:

  • IT infrastructure monitoring
  • Project Management: Administration and supervision of resources, contracts and service levels. Project evaluation and administration.
  • Configuration management: Documenting and tracking configuration changes in infrastructure services, related to both physical and virtual components and services (CMDB).
  • Proactive administration of IT services
  • Fulfillment of required services
  • Detection, analysis and administration of events and incidents related to the components and services of your IT virtual infrastructure to restore regular operations as soon as possible.
  • Problem Management: finding and resolving the cause of the problem to prevent future incidents.
  • Continuous improvement recommendations
  • Perform available actions for automatic correction
  • Automatic development of Service Desk tickets and notifications based on SLAs (Service-level agreements)
  • Creating monthly performance and availability reports (incidents administration)
  • Provide each client with their own online web portal

We are part of the Registro Único de Licitadores del Gobierno (RUL) to provide services to government agencies

  • Create and manage tickets with third party organizations hired to provide warranty and support services for your IT infrastructure
  • Disaster Recovery: Data back-up, online replication, redundancy, contingency plans and continuity of operations
  • Licensing Reseller
  • HER Workshops and Training
  • Network management: Data, Voice and Video, Maintenance and 24/7 Monitoring
  • Computer & Network Support
  • Hosting Services
  • IT Infrastructure Consulting
  • IT Risk Assessment Consultant: we provide counseling on compliance with CMS and HIPAA regulations
  • On Premise Migration to Cloud
  • NVR, DVR Security: Security system and remote surveillance, equipment distribution.
  • Structures Cabling
  • VOIP Service for Call Center Solutions with Elastix and 3CX.

VOIP Service for Call Center Solutions

  • Cloud PBX
  • Unlimited calls, internet fax, and extensions.
  • Installation, administration, and one-click access to your devices
  • iPhone and Android Apps
  • Voice and fax for toll-free, local and special numbers
  • Conference rooms
  • Calls by department with wait cues
  • Advanced call transfers
  • Flexible response rules
  • Presence notifications on multiple devices
  • DID Portability
  • Automated receptionist and dialing by name or directory
  • Keep your current phone number
  • FREE implementation consultation
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • We are registered with the Telecommunications
    Regulatory Board in Puerto Rico as VOIP providers


Improve your quality of care and keep your patient’s data secure with our leading IT solutions designed for the healthcare industry. We understand that doctor offices and medical clinics have unique IT challenges. With Federal regulations such as ICD-10, HIPAA, and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) have imposed an importance on streamlining networking, technology, and security within the healthcare industry.
Since 2006, we have assisted healthcare professionals to achieve the ever-changing IT regulations and best practices. With years of experience supporting management software such as EMR Software in Puerto Rico and Florida to ensure IT continuity and HIPAA compliance.


  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Practice Management Software Support
  • Billing Software Support and ICD-10
  • Data Backups & Disaster Recovery
  • EMR/EHR Software Support
  • Patient Data Security and Encryption
  • Experienced in Practice Fusion, Kareo, eClinicalWorks, Inmediata EMR, Ehrez ...
Choosing the right IT company to design, implement, support, and maintain your network infrastructure is crucial.  While there are many dynamics to a well structured, and secure environment, we will immediately focus on the following:
  • HIPAA Compliance: Implementing the right IT policies and procedures that lessen the chances of paying high-cost fines.  This includes forcing employees to use complex passwords, screen protectors, mandatory timeout screensavers, etc.
  • Data and Network Security: Having business class equipment such as firewalls and routers that are correctly set up, with the best-in-class anti-virus, malware, and ransomware protection software.
  • Data Backups and Disaster Recovery: Daily backups with two weeks to a month worth of retention and an ironclad disaster recovery plan are critically important.  All of which are protected with the highest level of encryption.
  • High-Speed Internet and Wifi: Transmitting data to 3rd parties at a high rate is essential, and the ability of your mobile devices attached to the wifi to communicate with each other on a unified signal that is strong, secure, and ultra-fast are all crucial components to any efficient network.
  • Proactive IT Support: We monitor every computer, network device and applicable hardware 24×7.  We also perform daily updates on all systems and perform weekly preventative maintenance, all the while, responding quickly to any IT support requests day or night.
  • Data Archiving: Due to government regulations, patient data must be kept for a minimum of seven years.  We provide an array of choices that best suite your archiving needs at the lowest possible cost while maintaining the HIPAA compliance requirements.